The ByOrigin Mushroom Complex with Moringa is a special herbal-mushroom mixture, which is indicated as a complementary therapy fo acute and chronic diseases (cardiovascular problems, tumors).

The effect of the preparation is based on the synergy of the five types of fungi, that means their effectivenessis enchaced by strengthening each other's effects. Their beneficial effects are supported by the Moringa (Wonder Tree) leaf powder.

Medicinal fungi are able to provide the body with the necessary amino acids which are rarely occuring in everyday nutrition.

The strengthening of the immune system should not only be done if an active or chronic disease has already developed. We can best increase the defenses of the body if we consume medicinal fungi in a course of treatment.

In case of frequent infections, digestive complaints, boosting the immune system by medicinal fungi is recommended. 

It can have a beneficial effect also on the blood circulation. As a supplemental treatment for diabetes, the consuption of fungus may be a natural help. The goal is is to control blood glucose levels, replace insulin, increase insulin sensitivity, avoid complications and maintain a good quality of life. Because of their polysaccharide content, the medicinal fungi effectively regulate blood sugar levels.


The medicinal fungi does not act immediately. The perceptible effects only appear after 1-3 months (after the course of treatment).

Do not give the product to animals during pregnancy or lactation.

Ask your veterinarian before using!

The use of medicinal fungi is about 2000 years old. First, the Chinese and Tibetan monks discovered their healing power. Several ancient writings also refer to the importance of medicinal fungi as a cure for eastern people.

In China, Japan and the United States someof the fungi we use areregistered pharmaceutical ingredients without the harmful effects of sythetic agents.